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ESUA - European School of Urbanism & Architecture

Moderno is the promoter of the ESUA  - European School of Urbansim and Architecture project.

Project Mission:
  • To establish ESUA as a new tertiary vocational college of architecture.

  • To disseminate and valorize the ESUA curriculum for integrated urban and architectural study.

Project History:

Moderno AS was one of 12 partner organisations in the original ESUA project to create a new pilot curriculum for integrated urban and architectural study. The first ESUA stage was funded by the European Union's Leonardo da Vinci programme in vocational education and training. It was developed to address the most pressing challenges of European and global practice today

The results of the first ESUA stage were presented at the Third International C.E.U. Conference - Climate Change and Urban Design in Oslo in September 2008.

The ESUA project has now finished its second stage with the follow-up project EDUAC - Educational Dissemination within Urbanism, Architecture and Crafts. The EDUAC project had 12 partners in 5 European countries. 

Moderno AS was the contractor towards the European Union in the second ESUA stage, and has thereby taken on the role as promoter of the ESUA project.

The ESUA Curriculum features:
  1. The latest advances in best practice on sustainability and climate change
  2. Integrated study of urbanism with architecture
  3. Inter-disciplinary education
  4. Immersive, project-based learning
  5. Exchange studies across national boundaries
  6. Emphasis on local and historical resources as a basis of sustainable economics
  7. First-hand studies of local architectural, urban and cultural histories
  8. The economic and cultural value of local identity and tradition